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Peter has been providing assessment services to my company since 2009 which has supported us in our rapid growth since that time. As a result of his work we have developed considerable bench strength in our director and executive roles.

Paul Seed, CEO

I count on Peter as an invaluable resource with a wide range of knowledge and expertise. During our sessions he helps me work through ideas and issues across many
business aspects from leadership to work-life balance. His insight and intuition help him provide me with feedback that I consider critical to my success. I highly value his advice and counsel.

Isaac Gould, CEO

In-Common Laboratories

Our company values the insight that assessments provide when hiring new employees and has used this information as a resource over many years. Recently we wanted to find a Canadian vendor that had all of the capabilities we needed to support our assessment work for new job candidates. The assessment services provided by Potentia met all of our requirements and added some new innovations to make the process even better. Peter was very responsive and adaptive to our specific needs and managed the transition process effectively.”

Stephanie Enright, Director, Talent Management and Administration

Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.

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